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Caregiver/Companion and Personal Assistant Services



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The care provider is responsible for direct personal care and supervision in accordance with the client's individualized service plan.

The care provider will offer choice, maintain dignity and promote individuality in order to enhance independence, satisfaction and quality of life. 

In addition to assisting the client with activities of daily routine, care provider is to support client in making appropriate choices, keep a neat and safe household at all times and respond to needs and alerts promptly while maintaining self respect, dignity, safety, privacy and confidentiality. 

Before acceptance of any job assignment with a new care recipient, please allow and plan to set aside your time and patience for a telephone intake and completing a thorough in-home assessment and home safety check which is standard practice with every start of a new case to evaluate mental/physical health, determine your needs and the types of services that are best for your custom care planning as every client is different and has their own unique personal needs. 

This takes time and a personal visit to the home can be a long lengthy detailed process and may take up to 2-3 hours for total interviewing time.

Client is charged rates that are competitive and priced in accordance with each type of category of care service and commensurate with experience, expertise, time, labor, scope of responsibility and trustworthiness of care provider.

Individual care plans can be revised and updated as client's needs change and warrant with a complete new schedule of service and fees.

Care provider will comply with HIPAA Privacy Rule by protecting confidential client information and following all strict policies and procedures outlined in terms and conditions.

Care provider is current on all vaccinations and is guaranteed drug, alcohol and smoke free.


Caregiver Certifications and Record Requirements:

•Completed Live-Scan fingerprint and passed criminal background check with state and federal agencies

•State of California

Home Care Aide (HCA) registered for consumer protection by California Department of Social Services (CDSS) and Home Care Services Bureau

•Clear DMV record

•Valid and current CA-DL

•CPR-First Aid Certified

•TB Health Clearance

•Flu vaccinated

•Covid-19 vaccinated and boosted


References, job history, DMV report and HCA ID registration number are available upon request during in-person meeting and hire by client. 





Please agree to the following Long-Term Care Conditions and Work Order:

Any duties by careworker are to be performed for the specific assigned client and do not extend to other family/children, friends and guests living or visiting a client in the home including worker driving and transporting others in client's personal vehicle. 

Careworker duties do not cover guest services.

Careworker is not responsible for hosting, serving guests and families while they are visiting clients in their home.

Careworker does not supervise children while they are in the client's home. 

Client is responsible for guests and their conduct.

Senior care services are limited to non-medical exclusively for persons 65 years and older and Personal Assistant services are for 55 and older. 

Careworker does not provide nanny or childcare services.

Please be aware "Companion Care" are standard cases for clients who live independently on their own without supervision and duties do not include any hands-on personal care. 

Client must accept care that is specifically assigned to their individual care plan and be receptive to outside help in all aspects of daily routine for their own protection, personal health, wellness and safety.

Careworker has the right to a safe, clean, healthy workplace environment. 



Due to privacy and HIPAA regulations, careworker is limited to speaking only to certain authorized persons regarding private client matters therefore it is up to each client's discretion and responsibility for communicating updates to their families with any changes and ongoing health concerns.

It is recommended to appoint a authorized spouse, family member, fiduciary to serve as the "point of contact" person on behalf of client. 



Careworker does not provide their personal vehicle for client transportation except for errand and shopping duties if client does not have a vehicle, in this case client is responsible for their own transport needs to appointments. 

If careworker is using their own personal vehicle for shopping and errands, client is charged 67 cents (SMR) per mile gas reimbursement within reasonable amount of trips and distance usually 1-3 times per week. 

It is recommended client has their own personal vehicle allowing caregiver driving privilege for the sole purpose of the client such as running errands, grocery shopping, taking client to appointments and activities. 

If the careworker is allowed access to a client's vehicle, the careworker is responsible in following and maintaining safe driving habits and practices, obeying rules and laws of the road at all times while running errands, shopping and transporting a client. 

Client's vehicle must be in safe good operating working condition, properly maintained, updated and serviced, have current registration/tag and insurance with coverage for additional drivers on policy.

Certificate of Insurance as proof is preferred.

If client has no vehicle, client is responsible for ordering taxi or arrange other ride service for their appointments.

Careworker is required to accompany client on all transport activities. 



Personal care does not include the following; skilled nursing, medical services and bed-bound patients, bed baths, feeding, medication administration, injections, prepare syringes for injections, blood draw, clicker/pen device/finger-pricking, skin poking/tearing, administer insulin for diabetics, bed/pressure sore care, wound care/dressing changes, enemas, using hoyer lift equipment, lifting and turning patients, psychiatric care, massage, physical/speech therapy, trim hair or cut nails.   

Heavy housework, scrubbing floors on hands and knees, carpet cleaning, moving/re-arranging furniture, washing windows, polishing furniture and antique/breakable items, polishing silverware and heavy yard work are not included with homemaker services.


Please be advised that Standard Personal Care allows any basic "hands-on" assisting with bathing/showers, toileting, remind to brush teeth, denture care, dressing and grooming guidance, mobility assistance with cane and walker within the scope of a caregiver's duties.  

The provision of "hands-on" personal care as described above is contingent upon custodial home care industry standards. 



Pet Care:

Indudes daily feeding, fresh water, keeping bowls and eating area clean, keep beds clean, give medication as prescribed, pick up dog waste and dispose properly, daily exercise (all cases). 

Take to groomer and vet visits in client's personal vehicle (full time or live-in cases only). 


Weekend Care (Non Personal Attendant Duties):

Intended for hourly companionship, outings, hair appointments and limited errand service.

Clients needing simple companionship can schedule a 2 hour visitation each day. 

It is specifically designed for clients who are independent but in need of basic companionship and limited light household help can be included in a daily 4 hour scheduled case with these following duty limitations; Errand service for grocery shopping/household needs, pharmacy, dry cleaning, post office mail drop. 

Gas Reimbursement will be charged at 67 cents (SMR) per mile if careworker is using their own personal vehicle for errands and shopping. 

Take senior to hair appointments, banking, accompany to social activities/outings and church service. 

Client is required to provide their own personal vehicle for companion worker to perform these tasks. 

All appointments and outdoor activities have a 1 hour limit each day.

Weekends with Limited Light Household Help includes these following duty limitations; 

Prepare coffee/tea, make small breakfast or light lunch, serve snack, one load laundry, making bed, wipe bathroom and kitchen areas, wash dishes/put away, sweep or vacuum floors, pet care, keep home clean and organized, empty/collect and dispose of all household trash, take trash bins to curbside for next day scheduled collection.

Any personal attendant needs such as hands-on caregiving, medication assisting, direct safety supervision of client- walking/transfering and other housekeeping is not offered with this service. 


Hospital, Assisted Living, Skilled/Nursing Home Visits:

Careworker must stay with client inside the facility during their entire 2 hour assignment and cannot leave the facility or take client away from the facility, not even for a short outing or other outdoor activities outside the premises. 

Careworker is allowed to take client to outdoor patio area as long as it is within property grounds. 

Special arrangements can be made for patient discharge only while safely accompanying client to returning back home.

Client is responsible for arranging ride service.

This assignment is for 2 hour weekend companion cases only.

No errands, personal attendant care- feeding or hands-on caregiving are offered with this service.


Traveling Caregiver and Traveling Personal Assistant:

For long distance clients 40 plus miles.


Live-In Care:

This 24-Hour service allows for a careworker to stay during the day and overnight in the client's home 24 hours a day while being on "guard" or "standby duty" with the client even on "breaks" or "off periods" while still physically in the home. 

Client must be eligible for this service based on their mental and wellness check, physical health condition and living situation after a thorough in-person assessment has been established. 

Standby duty is defined as a scheduled duty status that confines a careworker to designated duty location for longer than ordinary periods and requires careworker to he prepared and remain in a constant state of readiness to perform work during such time. 

Client is charged at a special discounted weekly rate for live-in cases therefore careworker is not paid during "off time" and "sleep hours" even while on the premises. 

Total "on duty" work time is 10-12 hours per day depending on the needs. 

Careworker is entitled to 2-4 hours "break time" and sleep period of 8 hours uninterrupted "sleep time" (time off) per night while in the home except in the event of an occasional urgent need or emergency situation in which the client will be charged a standard rate of $25.00 for each hour the careworker has to be up and awake attending to the client at night during "off the clock" periods. 

Careworker cannot provide constant care at night. 

If a client's health changes or worsens and is requiring assistance more than 12 hours, the client is no longer eligible for live-in care and will need to seek care service with another provider. 

Client must have a clean safe clutter-free home environment for careworker to stay.

The careworker should have a clean comfortable adequate space, private spare bedroom complete with a bed and clean linen for sleeping.

Food is included and provided from client expenses which is common in any live-in arrangement. 

Client is required to have their own personal vehicle for careworker to use for errands and transportation purposes on behalf of the client with live-in service.  


Airbnb Concierge Helper: 

This can be part of Personal Assistant duties which includes meet & greet guests during check-in, give keys, supplies, enforce rules, buy supplies, manage & oversee property.

Receive keys and complete walk-thru with guests upon check-out. 

Clean rooms/home and stock supplies for next guest. 


Payments Accepted:

Cash, personal check, online bank transfer, PayPal, Zelle, WU.


Payment Due Dates:

End of each work week Friday and Sunday.


Please call for details and interview.