Caregiving Service For All Activities of Daily Living

Plan, coordinate, collaborate, monitor and provide safe comfortable compassionate care services for the elderly and disabled in their private home or hospital setting.

Advocacy for the well-being and life management of older adults keeping them happy and healthy is a primary function.


Specializing in a full line of upscale high quality private duty supportive home care solutions for seniors 65 years and older in need of long term services, short stay hospital or nursing home visits. 


The following list of non-medical custodial care duties are all-inclusive with your weekly scheduled care plan available full time Monday thru Friday and live-in arrangement:


* Companion Care, Home Helper, House Manager Services

* Homemaker Service; organize and maintain clean general household

* Home Improvement Assistance

* Track Wellness; medication scheduling, nutrition oversight

* Medication Management

* Medication Reminders and intake, assist with eyedrops

* Day planning and appointment reminders

* Make doctor appointments

* Accompany & Participate in doctor appointments

* Follow-up care from doctors instructions and report changes in condition

* Medication Organizing; sorting and setup weekly pill case

* Medication Schedule; review current list, follow dosage frequency compliance

* Ensure proper dosage of medications are given and taken properly 

* In charge for calling pharmacy ordering and refill prescriptions and pick up

* Review special dietary needs and restrictions

* Ensure proper nutrition and hydration oversight

* Healthy Meal Planning and preparation, serve snacks

* Setting, clear dining table and eating area

* Wash dishes and put away in proper place

* Wipe kitchen and clean up, sweep, wash/mop floor

* Keep kitchen, bathroom clean and maintained

* Light Housekeeping in common areas

* Trash clean-up and disposal, take cans outside to curbside collection 

* Sweep patio and indoor floors

* Make bed

* Weekly laundry, wash and change linen, vacuum rooms

* Light Lawn Care; pruning, rake leaves and clean-up, water plants and yard

* Pet Care

* Home Security/ensuring all locks, gates are in check 

* Keeping home and premises safe and secure with arming system or shut off

* Answer the door for expected visitors, unsolicited sales/peddlers, keep watchful eye by eliminating unauthorized persons trespassing on property 

* Screen incoming unsolicited sales/spam calls, watching for direct mail solicitations  

* Keep track of personal and household supplies

* Preparing grocery checklist, keep pantry and fridge well-stocked with essentials

* Companionship, drive client to enjoyable outings and day trips

* Drive and safe escort on appointments, banking and social activities

* Errand Service for grocery shopping, pharmacy, post office, dry cleaning

* Maintain client's vehicle, gas fill up, keep clean and organized

* Take client's vehicle to car wash, clean and vacuum 

* Family Support and Respite Relief


Now offering care plans designed for all types of personal need and situation.




Focuses on specific elements of care planning services through a collection of comprehensive customized programs called Life Care Navigation* 


Please check out the following list of Senior Life Care plans available to suit your needs.


Senior Life Care Plans


Care Management  

Full coverage supportive care service with complete household management, financial decision making and ADL responsibilities, health wellness safety check and home assessment to create a customized daily care plan and meet all-inclusive mental, physical needs for client to remain living comfortable and safely at home. 

Responsible for helping transition from hospital/skilled nursing discharge to back home, work with health providers to formulate and implement care plan.

Benefits of having a care manager comes in handy when addressing issues before problems arise or begin to threaten health, safety, independence, comfort or dignity reducing the care-giving burden on local family members. 

It keeps authorized members informed about changing needs.

Communication in conditions and changes in a timely manner is essential. 

Staying compliant with advice of health care providers, managing overall primary care, coordinating and organizing all general comprehensive personal, business and household, manage property, mail sorting, basic money management and budgeting; direct deposits, pay bills, keeping up with changes and updates with Medicare and other health plans, keep track with alarm permit renewal payments when due, property taxes/insurance, vehicle insurance/registration, bank deposits, cash handling, keep records and receipts in order, balance checkbook, meet with CPA/file taxes, supervise all home needs.

Take vehicle for repairs, inspections and general maintenance.

Oversee, supervises and managing household safety, schedule maintenance and home repair projects.  

Personal Attendant Care, CarePlus duties can be included in same cost. 

This specialized care service is only available full time 8,10,12 hour shifts Monday thru Friday or live-in arrangement.


* Private Fiduciary  

Balancing care, compassion, professional advocacy, safeguard interests and quality of life for the well-being of the senior. 

Overseeing the assets, finances, manage and protect personal affairs, keeping proper records, meet with CPA/filing income tax returns for the trust, investing the trust assets, property, mental, physical well-being of the client.

May Include: Bill Paying and Money Management, Healthcare Representation, Agent under a Power of Attorney, Trustee, Estate Executor for senior with no spouse or family.

Personal Attendant Care, CarePlus duties can be included in same cost. 

This specialized care service is only available full time 8,10,12 hour shifts Monday thru Friday or live-in arrangement.


* Power of Attorney  

Agent for Limited Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare/Advance Directive

Healthcare Agent and surrogate; responsible for Healthcare Power of Attorney, health advocate, health proxy, speaking and making healthcare decisions on behalf of the client.

Broad Power of Attorney (POA) with complete full time and unlimited POA duties; A personal representative responsible for all legal personal control, household, financial and business decision making on behalf of the client's interests.

Responsibilities include manage property, updating home improvement, in-charge of mail sorting and bill paying on a timely manner, Medicare, health plans, keep track of homeowners and vehicle insurance policies, DMV records and vehicle registration, property taxes, track household expenses/document and keep records/receipts of proper monthly accounting and budget planning, meet with CPA/file taxes.

All money management includes personal finances, giving and receiving money, cash handling, banking transactions including teller service, deposits and withdrawals, bank accounts, checking/savings and safe deposit accounts.

Personal Attendant Care, CarePlus duties can be included in same cost.

This specialized care service is only available full time 8,10,12 hour shifts Monday thru Friday or live-in arrangement.


Staying Home Safe

When a loved one is discharged from a hospital or facility, their recovery isn't necessarily complete once they return home.

Readjusting to daily routines can be stressful and increases the risk of an avoidable readmissions even while convalescing.

A customized in-home assessment and care planning strategy take stock of what your loved one needs to successfully recover and improve creating a safe environment. 

This includes a visit to new clients returning from hospital or rehab to ensure needs are being met and follow care plan through doctors orders. 

Personal Attendant Care can be included in same cost. 

This specialized care service is only available full time 8,10,12 hour shifts Monday thru Friday or live-in arrangement. 


Couples Care

Catering to the husband wife team living together who desire to stay in their home but also require help with companionship, morning care, basic personal care, assist with putting on compression stockings, meals, medication assistance, light housekeeping, laundry and meeting other practical household needs.

This specialized care service is only available full time 8,10,12 hour shifts Monday thru Friday or live-in arrangement.


* CarePlus & Memory Care

Level 3 Care Plan:

Higher care with limited paramedical service is close to almost at a skilled level threshold and is available to assist and support critical age-related illnesses common in elderly people 75 and older group who are unable to live on their own with some memory impairment and other serious ailments including limited mobility, activities of daily living and enables them to remain at home as an alternative to a nursing home. 

Ensure clients remain clean, dignified and presentable. 

This includes non-ambulatory, more protective direct safety supervision, vigilant eye on safety for client during walking/transferring and observing the behavior of client who is confused, mentally impaired in order to safeguard against injury, hazard, accident, fall prevention assessment, other complex chronic health conditions and disabilities, helping to reduce instances for falls and avoid less-possible ER visits and hospital readmissions.

Working to improve quality of life for wheelchair-bound, memory care, helping with medications, eye drops, respiratory assistance with self-administration of oxygen, breathing to keep airways open, assist setting up CPAP machine and cleaning, light transfers with gait belt, personal care, bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting, bedside commode use, getting in-and-out of bed, assist with putting on compression socks, incontinence issues/bladder and bowel control, skin care, daily adult diaper/overnight briefs change and catheter care while preserving dignity and privacy.

Monitor health/track vital signs, food & liquid intake and document in progress note writing.

The client must be able to stand with all transfer assistance while moving from bed to commode, walker/wheelchair and incontinence care.

This service is only available full time 8,10,12 hour shifts Monday thru Friday or live-in arrangement.


* Rise & Shine Morning Care and Personal Attendant Care 

Level 2 Care Plan:

This service is for ambulatory alert individuals with no memory condition but who can't complete ADL (activities of daily living) on their own.

Includes morning care, safety supervision, helping get ready for the day, simple and basic hands-on assisting with personal hygiene in daily routine such as clothing selection, stand by assistance with brushing teeth, bathing, toileting, dressing and grooming appearance.

May assist with putting on compression socks.

Clients who need mobility assistance, light transfers, ambulate with cane and walker to prevent falls are usually at this stage of care. 

This service is only available full time 8,10,12 hour shifts Monday thru Friday or live-in arrangement.


* Companion Care and Home Helper

Level 1 Care Plan:

Provides standard home care for the ambulatory independent senior that don't have a directly medical need for personal care or have memory conditions. 

Basic duties such as companionship, household help, driving to appointments and accompany clients to various enjoyable outdoor social recreation activities. 

Companionship at home ease loneliness and prevent social isolation to maximize quality of life.

This service is only available full time 8,10,12 hour shifts Monday thru Friday or live-in arrangement.


* Independent Living (Senior Community)

Free-lifestyle clients who need companionship and a little extra helping hand in senior housing designed for active high functioning independent seniors living in neighborhood apartments, villa, patio homes that are limited to 55 and older age group.

Personal Attendant Care can be included with additional cost. 

This service is only available full time 8,10,12 hour shifts Monday thru Friday or live-in arrangement. 


Care Facilities

For clients needing simple companionship and wellness check when families are unable who are living permanently in assisted living or transitioning from a short term hospital, skilled care or nursing stay to back home.

Limited duties can include safe escorting with wheelchair, walker, cane to and from dining room at beginning or end of each shift during breakfast, lunch, dinner times.

Companionship, serve snack, make bed, wipe down bathroom and sink, keep room clean and organized, sweep floor, empty trash and properly dispose at end of shift.

This can be temporary or upgraded to regular weekend or weekly full-time in a private home setting once the patient has been discharged.

This service is only available for short 2 hour shifts Saturday and Sunday.


Weekend Care

Saturday and Sunday

4 HOUR Schedule Includes:

Companion care, pet care, make coffee, light meal and snack, escorting to hair appointments, outdoor social recreation activities, run errands for grocery shopping, pharmacy pickup, dry cleaning, post office mail drops, with limited light household help including one load laundry, make bed, wipe bathroom/kitchen, wash dishes/put away, sweep or vacuum floors, trash disposal. 

2 HOUR Schedule Includes:

Companionship, serve snack, make bed, wipe bathroom/kitchen, keep organized, sweep floors, empty trash and disposal. 

Respite Care for families are included in a 2 or 4 hour schedule. 

Client must reside in their own private home (no care facilities) to use this service.


Traveling Caregiver

Much like a traveling nurse, this unique long-distance service is ideal for "out of area" clients that help fill in the gaps in locations where there are live-in care shortages.

This service is for live-in cases only. 

Mileage reimbursements apply. 


Live-in Care

Full time 24 hour live-in service.